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ZZ Plant - Live Plant

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ZZ Plants are the ultimate low maintenance houseplant! ZZ Plants have beautiful dark green leaves that grow in stalks, from round rhizomes which hold water for the plant. This is a great option for a low light area, and it needs little water to thrive! Botanical Name: Zamioculcas zamiifolia. Thrives in low & medium light. This plant will arrive in a plastic growers pot with drainage holes. Pot color may vary. Decorative pots not included. Available in 4" or 6" pot sizes. Shipped straight from our greenhouse! Please note the images are a representation of the plants available, not the exact plant you will receive. All plants are unique; we will handpick and carefully package the best of our selection for each order! Soil may shift during shipping. Please reach out within 3 days of receipt with any issues. Please unpack your order as soon as possible.