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What the Fudge Candy Bar

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Favorite of Kids and Adults with a Major Sweet Tooth Our What the Fudge?® bar is sweeeet! Literally and figuratively. And if that’s what you like then you’ll love it. Close your eyes, imagine if you turned a hunk of fudge into a candy bar, this is what you’d get. The top layer is milk chocolate fudge made with fresh milk and rich heavy cream from our local supplier Guernsey Dairy, real butter, and lots of hand kneading to break down the sugar crystals for the smoothest texture ever. There’s also a perfect layer of muscovado brown sugar caramel followed by thick malted milk cream. When was the last time you had a candy bar with a star-studded list of ingredients like that? Do you taste something a little different that you can’t quite identify. That’s the malted milk, a traditional flavor in American candy. Sweet teeth around the country rejoice! When you bite into this bar you’ll exclaim, “What the Fudge?”