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Italian Beechwood Rolling Pin - Spaghetti

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Beautiful, functional and consistent - our Italian Beechwood Rolling Pin for spaghetti is a traditional kitchen tool that creates the perfect rolling surface to make your pasta the Italian way.

Designed to score or shape the dough, use this to make spaghetti pasta in the traditional manner. This tool is designed to score the dough rolled out, so that you can pick up the piece and pull apart the dough easily, and then drape it for drying or drop it in the pot (or into a container for freezing).

HOW TO USE: Simply roll out the pasta sheet to the thickness you want, place it on the counter (or cutting board), and roll the Italian Beechwood Rolling Pin up to create perfect ribbons of pasta! Easy, efficient, uniform pasta.

SIZE: Spaghetti (3mm)

CARE: Hand-wash only.