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Handbook for Bad Days by Eveline Helmink

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[Simon Element] Keep your head held high even on the bad days with 70 mindful self-care strategies to find happiness. In a time when social media encourages us to constantly highlight how great we’re doing and how #Blessed life is, there seems to be little room for the inevitable truth: in every life, there are days that are NOT great. Yet decades in the self-help world have taught Eveline Helmink—editor-in-chief of Happinez magazine and a self-titled cheerleader for failure and discomfort—that true emotional growth comes from realizing that it’s often on our worst days when we learn the most about what empowers, strengthens, and revitalizes us—and yes, brings us happiness. In The Handbook for Bad Days, Helmink teaches you how to take advantage of bad days as moments for self-discovery and emotional understanding. Her compassionate, no-bullshit approach encourages you to detox from the social media world and rethink your coping strategies, exploring topics such as, -The