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All is Calm Soy Candle

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 Starry Night Collection | All is Calm Candle by Embers & Roots - Yorkshire, England 

All is calm has been hand poured in the carefully selected scent of Farmhouse. 250ml – Metal recycled tin – 100% soy wax – textured paper label

Farmhouse; tonka bean, vanilla pod, golden amber A tranquil and velvety fragrance reminiscent of a historical farmhouse being warmed in winter with long burning log fires and an AGA. A smooth fragrance of black velvet apricot, tonka and creamy vanilla. This comforting fragrance is perfect with a blanket, a book and a hot drink when the weather outside is dreary. This buttery fragrance will help you drift in to hibernation.

At the heart of this aroma is tonka bean resting on a base of lingering vanilla pod and golden amber.

Top Notes: black velvet apricot, cedarwood Mid Notes: tonka bean, cinnamon Base Notes: vanilla pod, golden amber