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324ml French Jam Jar Faceted Jelly Glass W Metal Twist Lid

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Care instruction - Dishwasher Safe, Microwave Safe, Freezer Safe, Oven Safe to 300 degF. Airtight colorful metal twist lids (universal, 82mm), faceted glass body.

Perfect for: Preserving/canning, fridge storage, meal prep, drinkware. Utilize these brand new, versatile Le Parfait glass jars to preserve your seasonal harvest, revitalize your pantry storage and bulk-goods shopping, serve up a decadent homemade spread, or craft the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Le Parfait glass preserving jars are popular because they are made with all-natural materials, are easy to use, save you time in your daily schedule, offer a large range of various sizes and styles, are simple to clean, and the global website supports you with engaging resources.