London Fog Latte

London Fog Latte

Creamy. Sweet. Floral.  
My numero uno favorite latte. 

what you’ll need: 
earl grey tea / loose or tea bags 
milk or barista oat milk 
vanilla syrup 
let’s make it: 
put the kettle on / boil your water.
add 2-3 tsp or pumps of vanilla syrup to 
your favorite mug.
once the water has  come to a boil,
add to your mug,
leaving some room for the milk + 
steep your tea for 5 mins. 
while your tea steeps, 
froth your milk. 

// use an electric frother, hand held frother or just add some warm milk.  // 
 after 5 mins, remove your tea bags and add your frothed/steamed milk.
sip, savor + enjoy. 

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